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[Solved] String weight/Strand Count and Arrow Spine  

Byron Burkhardt
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If anyone is experiencing issues with tuning arrows I recently had an interesting learning experience in relation to string count and arrow spine-

I had recently started making strings for my OR students using 20 strands of both X99(BCY-X) and BCY 8125. Normally I wouldn't go over 18 strands but decided to give 20 strands a go based on a conversation I had with another coach.

I had noticed after the students were using the new 20-strand stings that many of the archers were starting to experience "stiff spine" behavior with their arrows(shooting anywhere between 28-36 lb draw weight). I went through the normal troubleshooting and tuning that would have corrected this but with little or no change in the arrow flight. After a bit of frustration and research into why this may be occurring I realized that it was the simple physics causing the problem.

Initially my thought was a larger mass string would be delivering more energy to the back of the arrow, and if anything would cause an arrow to act "weaker." I guess I should have paid more attention in physics class.

The "heavier" larger mass string was actually not delivering the same amount of energy(speed/momentum/directional force) to the arrow that a lower count string would thus causing the arrow to act "stiffer."

Since then I have backed the string count off to 16 and guess what? The arrows are behaving the way they should.  So if you are baffled by the arrows not responding the way they should to tuning you may want to check the string count.