The New SoCal JOAD site

Welcome, JOAD family! We’ve talked for a while about getting a site like this up and running, and here we are. In the next few days, I’ll add the “Shoot for the Cure” dates to the calendar, upload photos from the recent State Indoor (and you’re welcome to do the same), and continue adding other features. We may add a Facebook page as well, if that would be useful.

The goal is to let coaches and clubs build relationships. When PRA was fighting for its continued existence with our city, it meant a great deal to us that so many archers and coaches from other clubs wrote letters, signed petitions, and showed up to meetings to be heard, and we’d like to do the same when other clubs need similar support. The more we talk to each other, the more we can support each other, and the better our programs will be for our kids.

Published by Jim MacQ
Level 3 Coach, teaching archery since 2002. Part of the PRA JOAD and USC Trojan Archery coaching teams.